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About Us

Our mission is to help our clients navigate emerging technologies with the aim of creating new ventures, business models and products.

How to engage with emerging technologies is one of the least understood aspects of business. Developments are so rapid and frequent that they may be difficult to keep up with. Businesses often concentrate on their areas of specialization and focus on optimizing their current operations rather than engaging with emerging technologies and trends.

There is a better way to approach emerging technologies, in which transformative new businesses can be developed naturally to complement an enterprise’s existing operations. Our goal is to make emerging technology education and integration easy and accessible to our clients.


  • New Venture Creation
  • Emerging Technology Integration
  • Investment Advisory & Tech Validation


Shaan Ray (MBA)

Shaan is a researcher who is leading the way in unleashing the power of emerging technologies to reimagine how the world does business. Shaan is driven to bring awareness of emerging technologies to businesses, and has guided the creation of several transformative solutions for his clients, allowing them to tap into new markets, reach new customer segments, and drive profitable growth. Since 2011 Shaan has built and sold multiple companies, each built around a specific technology.

Most recently, Shaan founded Lansaar Research to advise diverse enterprise clients on how to integrate the latest emerging technologies to support their corporate vision and objectives. 

Combining emerging technology insights with extensive business expertise and strengths in envisioning, creating, and launching new ventures, the team at Lansaar Research is keen to engage with enterprises which are excited to leverage emerging tech to do business differently.

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We are always looking to collaborate with organizations who share our vision. We aspire to collaborate and build unique solutions.

Types of Partnerships

​Investment Partners: We partner with investment firms to showcase the latest solutions and technologies which our clients are building and deploying.

Technology Providers: We partner with a range of technology providers to help design custom solutions for our clients.

Universities: We partner with universities to create efficient technology transfer processes.


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